Episode 255

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15th Feb 2023

Episode 255: David Hollander, How Basketball Can Save The World

Guest: David Hollander, Author of How Basketball Can Save The World

David Hollander, the author of How Basketball Can Save the World, joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on how basketball can save the world.

Hollander is an assistant dean and clinical professor with the Tisch Institute for Global Sport at New York University and received NYU’s highest faculty honor, the Distinguished Teaching Award. His innovative courses have been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, SLAM, and CBS News. He sits on advisory boards for espnW, The Earl Monroe New Renaissance Basketball School, and the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute. He holds his high school record for most technical fouls.


1:00 - Saving The World

6:00 - Other Sports

12:00 - Harmony and Balance

15:00 - Belongingness

21:00 - Isolation and Loneliness

24:00 - Common Sense

30:00 - Strengths and Weaknesses

30:41 - 31:16 - Basketball Immersion January AD 2023

35:00 - Balance of Force and Skills

39:00 - Position and Human Alchemy

44:00 - Being Adaptable

47:30 - Co Create Solution

49:00 - Make it Global

53:00 - Other Levels

1:00:00 - Conclusion

David Hollander’s Bio:

Website: https://howbasketballcansavetheworld.com/

Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/ie/podcast/david-hollander-how-basketball-can-save-the-world/id1603012439?i=1000567342555

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