Episode 282

Published on:

23rd Aug 2023

Episode 282: DeLisha Milton-Jones, Keeping It Real, Drop Coverage, and Relatability

Guest: DeLisha Milton-Jones, Old Dominion Head Coach

Old Dominion head coach DeLisha Milton-Jones joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on keeping it real, drop coverage, and relatability.

DeLisha Milton-Jones is a 2022 Women's Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee and a two-time Olympic gold medalist. She had a decorated professional career in the WNBA and overseas. 

She was a 2× WNBA champion and a 3× WNBA All-Star. In 2020 she became the head coach of the Old Dominion after previously an assistant coach at Syracuse and a head coach and assistant coach at Pepperdine. In her three seasons at Old Dominion, Milton-Jones has improved the overall record of the team posting back-to-back 20 win seasons the past two years. She has an 91–65 overall head coaching record.


1:00 - Shaping Coaching Philosophy

4:00 - Extra Pressure

8:00 - Shared Experience

11:00 - Drop Coverage

17:00 - Stance

20:00 - Cues for Recovery

23:00 - Pick and Pop Situation

27:00 - Mistakes on Drop Coverage

30:06 - 31:09 - IMM Videos Podcast ADS

32:00 - Rejecting Ball Screen

37:00 - Off The Ball

40:00 - Personnel

43:00 - Ownership in Defense

47:00 - Post Moves

52:00 - Fluff and Bad

54:00 - Recruiting Players

57:00 - Notetaking

1:00:00 - Old Dominion Basketball Program

DeLisha Milton-Jones’ Bio:

Bio: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DeLisha_Milton-Jones

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DelishaMJones

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