Episode 285

Published on:

13th Sep 2023

Episode 285: Greg Neeley, The Power of an Adaptable Defense

Guest: Greg Neeley, Piedmont University Head Coach 

Piedmont University head coach Greg Neeley shares insights on the 2-1-2 zone and the power of an adaptable defense.

Greg Neeley finished his 10th season as the Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Piedmont University. Six of those ten seasons have seen the Lions finish .500 or better making him the winningest coach in Piedmont men’s basketball history.

Greg Neeley is also the creator of the immersionvideos.com product Unlock the Power of An Adaptable Defense: The 2-1-2 Pressure Zone Defense Mastery Series available at basketballzonedefense.com


1:00 - Defensive System and Deep Diving

5:00 - Teaching Zone One

7:30 - Rebuild

10:00 - Good Programs

14:00 - Analytics/Statistics

17:00 - Against Different Styles

20:00 - Developing Zone

24:00 - Giving Structure

25:48 - 26:50 - Hoopsalytics Ad 3

27:00 - Structured Freedom

30:00 - Adaptability

31:30 - Player Satisfaction

34:00 - Pace of Play on Offense

36:30 - Zone Defense Mastery Series

39:00 - Adaptable

42:30 - Constraint

45:00 - Man to Man Defense

48:00 - Basketball Immersion

50:30 - Successful Career in Coaching

53:00 - Conclusion

Greg Neeley’s Bio:

Bio: https://piedmontlions.com/staff-directory/greg-neeley/84

Website:  https://immersionvideos.com/

Basketball Zone Defense Website: https://basketballzonedefense.com/

Basketball Immersion

Website: http://basketballimmersion.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bballimmersion?lang=en

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/basketballimmersion

Facebook: https://facebook.com/basketballimmersion

Immersion Videos:

Check out all our all-access practice and specialty clinics: https://www.immersionvideos.com

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