Episode 290

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18th Oct 2023

Episode 290: John Beckett, NBA Player Development

Guest: John Beckett, Denver Nuggets Assistant Coach

Denver Nuggets assistant coach John Beckett shares insights on NBA player development.

John Beckett initially joined the Denver Nuggets franchise during the 2016-17 season as the Director of Player Development. Before his time in Denver, he worked for the Delaware 87ers, where he conducted individual pre-game and pre-practice workouts to help players improve their skills.

Beckett also had a nine-year tenure with the Atlanta Hawks, where he worked as the team’s video coordinator and assisted with player development. His responsibilities included analyzing game footage and providing valuable insights to support the team’s strategies and player growth.


1:00 - Winning an NBA Championship

2:00 - Without Practice Time

4:30 - Stimulating Decisions

8:30 - Shoot Threes vs Close Outs

11:00 - Developing Off the Ball

13:00 - Pre-Game

16:30 - Watching Film

18:00 - Off The Dribble

21:00 - Jamal Murray

22:29 - 23:41 - Hoopsalytics New AD

24:00 - System Coaching Perspective

27:00 - Defense

29:00 - Handling Struggles

30:30 - Ball Handling

32:30 - Working with Jokic

35:30 - Players Preparation

36:30 - Game Speed

39:30 - TV Side

43:00 - Conclusion

John Beckett’s Bio:

Bio: https://nbacoaches.com/john-beckett/

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